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OCT. 20, 2009

Event Producer Hal Abramson files legal action against:
Erik Baker (FL), Steve Hilton (TN), Ivan Hinds (GA), individually and d/b/a/ Ace Concert Group and Unite Productions, LLC

In the Chancery Court of Madison County, Tennessee

Filed June 6, 2008 and served by Hal Abramson’s attorney and the Jackson Police Department on the above defendants Sat., June 7, 2008 at Oman Arena, Jackson TN just prior to the start of their illegal Jackson Jam

Abramson’s Complaint charges 13 Counts and 96 Causes of Action incl. Breach of Contract, Violation of non-compete to include Conspiracy, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Malicious intent to procure intended Breaches of stadium contract, Breach of Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, Injured Brand and Trademarked name and more.

The party of all four were planning to promote Christian concerts and a Christian Music festival named Unite Christian MegaFest. Steve Hilton and Erik Baker directly lied to the Jackson Police Department stating that Hal Abramson was not the Managing Member Unite Concerts, LLC.

Oct. 2009 Update: Ivan Hinds has gone bankrupt to escape further humiliation and the threat of losing his assets to Hal Abramson. Erik Baker and Steve Hilton will need to defend their criminal actions in a court of law. Hal Abramson will be armed with the truth.

 Hal’s Note: The three defendants mentioned above betrayed my hard work trying to make all of our dreams happen. They all three, stabbed me in the back, destroyed everything we worked toward with intent and hate. They thought I wouldn’t sue. They were wrong.

…. Finally I regained control of the web address I owned and posted the following:

Hal Abramson’s Web statement Appeared Tuesday  4/22/08 Only.

Unite is dead.

Saturday, April 19, 2008. Erik Baker, one of four Unite Productions, LLC partners convinced the other two (Steve Hilton and Ivan Hinds), to side with him and at noon, 6 hrs. before our MercyMe concert was to open in Jackson, TN, had me leave the Box Office for an issue with the police.

Once outside, 28 yr. old Baker from Florida, angrily told me he and the other two LLC members had decided to dismiss me as Chairman and Operating Manager of the company, and that Madison County Sheriff's Deputies were going to escort me to retrieve my personal belongings and property from the Box Office and then to my vehicle. I was then informed me that if I came back on the property that night, I would be arrested for trespassing.

At that time Erik Baker said Unite Productions, LLC is finished and you can have the name Unite back. I own the federal trademark on it and "UniteFest", to be held June 7 in Pringles Park. Baker willfully destructed my brand name "Unite".

There was no pretext for this and I did nothing wrong to cause this except do 90% of the work over the preceding 3 months. Apparently, they were alienated by my power and were not interested in listening to their elected leader. Erik had held it against me that the other 2 members and I early on back in February, agreed that Erik could serve as Managing Member any longer. His incompetence was unacceptable to all of us. Notes on his behavior and mistakes were already becoming extensive. Erik is a immature character who wanted to get back at me because I replaced his fiduciary leadership role, in total disregard for what the ramifications of his reckless and conspiring behavior would bring. He told me he was taking medications for a behavioral condition.

Upon my dismissal these three gave no reason for the ejection other than that they decided they did not want me in any longer. Erik was the ringleader and was called a con artist by others to me that worked the show I was ejected from.

My name was on the Oman Arena contract as Director of Unite and when I told the Building Mgr. he was shocked and said that he now had to deal with 3 people he never met. I was therefore responsible for anything that happened that evening even though I was ejected from the Mercy Me concert.

Additionally, at the concert, this hostile group distributed flyers with "Jackson Jam" on them, which was a takeover of an already June 7 planned event "UniteFest" at Pringles Park here in Jackson. I had my name on that contract as well. The building mgr. Josh Beard was in shock and knew nothing of the newly named event on the same day by another company they are calling Ace Concert Group. He had no contract with Jackson Jam and was contracted with UniteFest for that day.

This group also waited until I was at the Oman Arena and then on Saturday, illegally redirected my owned URL to jacksonjam. My Maryland office address is listed in their illegal web site as the mail order address as is the names of many companies who have not given any approval to be associated with this group.

Erik Baker was clearly plotting and scheming this for some time in direct violation of our Operating Agreement and against any sense of ethics and sense of decency. They checked out of the Howard Johnson Inn where I was staying on Saturday afternoon and left town without paying taxes on the event.

I reported this to the Dept. of Revenue on Monday. When I met with Baker and Hilton on Sat and told them of the need to pay taxes on ALL sales, even advance internet and phone sales, Hilton wrote down an email address and said that State Rep. Chris Rider, "would take care of it". I informed them that if I did not receive documentation to state this by the time I was to meet with the Revenue Dept. on Monday I would appear there with a check.

Hilton also lied to the Jackson Police Dept., telling them I was an Independent Contractor and not the Operating Manager, an LLC member of Unite Productions, LLC. This group also told the PD they had a contract with Pringles Park.

I now doubt weather any event will happen at Pringles Park on June 7. I have retained attorneys to pursue this matter. To those desiring refunds I suggest you contact Erik Baker at (239) 247-9696 or Steve Hilton of Grace Broadcasting at (731) 446-2238

To those of you who would like to voice your complaints, I suggest you write or call your state representative or the Mayor of Jackson, Jerry Gist (731) 425-8240 121 East Main St., Ste. 301, Jackson, TN 38301

Baker, Hinds and Hilton allowed me to do all the work, unpaid for more than 3 months and then waited until they had everything they needed before discarding me.

There is a better place for me. The fruits of my labor and dream to bring Christians together was seen the night of April 19 as thousands of you witnessed an amazing concert, all except me. I was not allowed in the building.

The Almighty guides and protects all that are people of truth and he deals justly with those that are evil.

These 3 need to go to Church and pray for their atonement. They have laid the seeds of deceit and will now answer for their sins.

Bless all of the truly kind people that supported me through this sojourn. I met many fine people on the phone who bought tickets and understood the great thing I attempted. Bless every one of you and thank you for your goodness and faith.

Respectfully,    Hal Royce Abramson
Ofc: (240) 342-2626

Later that month…
FROM: Matt Fehrmann, Z Graph Web design
April 22, 2008

Hi Hal,

Per our conversation, I looked into why was redirecting to You indicated that this should not be occurring.

I logged into your GoDaddy hosting account and found that most of the Web page files are gone, and that the homepage in the hosting account has code added to it -- that we did not add and you did not request us to add -- that redirects visitors to

That modified homepage file is attached. I guess someone else logged into the account and made this change. They _may_ have reset your password, as well, because when we went to login to the hosting account, our username and password on file didn't work. In order to login, we needed to reset the password through GoDaddy. Here is the new username and password for your records:

Kind regards,
Matt Fehrmann

Someone (unidentified to me), called  Zgraph’s (my web developer since 2003) owner  and threatened a Federal lawsuit” if the above statement was not removed. Without my knowledge, Z Graph took down the page and did not tell me. I called there the next day thinking that Erik’s group had again hacked into and took down the page.

My displeasure upon hearing this, led to me cease all business with ZGraph after doing $10’s of thousands of business over the years ruining a good working relationship. Erik Baker and his subsequent behavior has earned him a bad name and my legal complaint.